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Come Home to YOU workshops, and classes help women be seen, heard and have sovereignty (freedom and authority) over themselves so they can show up at work, home, and in relationship with more Confidence, Clarity, Presence, and Personal Power.

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Creating the Wise Woman Mask

Come Home to YOU Workshops include:

Cracking the Confidence Code

The Journey Home

Releasing Your Shadow, Dancing in Your Light



Aprylisa’s Avivagems Events, Art Fairs and Retreats

See jewelry, art and events presented by Aprylisa.



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Reiki  1 & 2 + Courting Reiki  Coaching Program

Reiki Level One, Reiki  Two +21 Day Coaching Practicum. September 2017
A practical, integral program to activate your relationship to Reiki healing energy and apply it to daily life and professional practice. Prerequisite for Reiki Mastery NOW apprenticeship program.
September 16 and 17, 2017 Classes

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WISE WOMAN JOURNEY 2018 Hot Springs Retreat

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Wise Woman Journey Divine Feminine Boulder, MEET UP

Private Sessions for Healing, Body, Mind and Spirit

“My sessions with Aprylisa were the jumpstart that I needed.  The shift in my mood was great — it was like that subliminal negative tape that had been running in my mind was GONE. This was only after two sessions so I look forward to more progress in my remaining sessions — I feel lucky to be able to get guidance from someone who is successfully running her own business and has past business experience combined with her skills with energy work.”    – Alicia Combo












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